Term of services


By using this website, or by purchasing services from LORPG you accept these terms of service in full. If you disagree with these terms of service, you must not purchase or use the services and products offered by LORPG. LORPG reserves the right to deny access to the website and forum at any time, at our sole discretion.

Refund of transaction

We reserve the right to deny any refund at any time. A refund for a transaction is available only if the purchased are not available to deliver (in case you bought a duplicate skin or champions) or duplication payments of the same order. However we will cover all the refund transaction fees in case of ours system bug, otherwise you have to cover that refund transaction fees, So please check the items on your cart before payment!


Your privacy is important to us. These following paragraphs explain how we use private information collected, and your rights and responsibilities regarding your private information. This privacy policy will always be available on our website for you to review. When purchasing a service from LORPG you may be asked to enter your name in game, email address, discord or crypto wallet those information are stored in our website as they are necessary to run our services, the information will be stored safely and secretly on the website as your purchase history.

Services Usage

Our services is against the Riot TOS because Riot do not allow purchases regarding league of legends items outside the riot store. Please consider the risk and do not tell the random person you know in the game about our services, you might get your account reported and items deleted.


If you need more information and there are not in FAQ pleas join our community on discord there will be people who ready to answer your question, also you can send us a email to lorpgcontact@gmail.com for question and feedback, we are here to listen to you.